DUI Class (Risk Reduction Program ) Online Payment
option 2 360.00

  Payments are for DUI (Risk Reduction Program)and Assessments Only. All other service must be paid in the office. There are three options that will allow you to make a payment, please go to the drop box, choose Option # 3-to pay for the DUI Class and hit the Buy Now button in the center of the box. Due to the type of service,reversal are not acceptable.  Assessments must be taken in the office ONLY  prior to taking the class.  Assessment must be in the computer before you can start the class. Once you have submitted your payment please contact the office for further information. (229)  385-3202   Call anytime Online payment are only accepted 48 hrs. prior to the class starting. Note it is best to get registered ASAP to guarantee you a seat in the class of your choice.

Thank you for your payment.

Certification # 10087